UArizona Students of Any Major Can Declare a Minor in Sustainable Mineral Resources

Oct. 30, 2023
Declare a Minor in Mining

The University of Arizona’s School of Mining and Mineral Resource has created a multifaceted undergraduate minor focusing on sustainable mineral resources. The Sustainable Mineral Resources minor spotlights the interconnected issues surrounding the production and use of non-renewable mineral resources and is open to students from any major or discipline. 

The minor implements content from eight different colleges, creating seven different tracks in a variety of disciplines that students can follow. Students can find the criteria and more information here.

The Sustainable Mineral Resources minor tracks include:

  • Track 1: Mining and Recycling
  • Track 2: Leadership and Communication
  • Track 3: Business and Economics
  • Track 4: Data Analytics and Automation
  • Track 5: Environmental
  • Track 6: Health and Safety
  • Track 7: Society and Policy

Students enrolled in the minor also have an opportunity to earn a $2,000 scholarship.


Purpose of the Minor

The Sustainable Mineral Resources minor is designed to widen the appeal of mineral resources-related studies by attracting students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. The minor strives to bring diverse students together to learn about collaborating, problem solving, and communicating with people with different knowledge and perspectives. Ideally, declaring the minor will inspire students to study related topics at depth and explore career opportunities in natural resource development.


What Current Students In the Minor Are Saying

Students taking the minor appreciate the many track options. Gabby Martin, a Geosciences major, says that she enjoys how broad the minor is, commenting that it would even appeal to business majors because of the business class options. 

“I definitely have time in my schedule to do it, and it seems so impactful already,” Martin said. “It just gives a general knowledge about sustainability and relates that to mining, so I just thought that was super cool.”

Liz Glenn, also a geosciences major, expresses similar thoughts. “The best part about this minor is that it is designed for everyone. You can be in any major, have any interests, and if they even slightly align with a career in mining, it’s something that people should consider.” she said.

The skills and knowledge gained in the minor can provide a plethora of opportunities that can ultimately be applied on any professional path.


How Can I Learn More

Students can learn more and elect the minor by contacting Mario Muñoz at or Suzanne Madrigal at