New Life for Old Tech

We want your phones!

But relax, we're not after your newest phablet, it is only your old flip-phone with the broken screen we're interested in. Because electronic-waste recycling, sometimes referred to as urban mining, is an important component of a circular economy, you are getting a chance to be part of the solution with minimal effort. 

Bring your obsolete electronics to the Mines for limitless minds event on November 15, where you will find an e-waste collection box.

We accept:


  • Computers and laptops
  • Computer hardware
  • Any computer part 
  • Keyboards and mouses
  • Wifi routers and networking equipment 
  • Speakers and sound systems
  • Printers, copies and fax machines
  • Monitors, screens and TV's (no CRTs, please!)
  • Telecommunications equipment (phone, webcams, mic's, any phone equipment)
  • Any short of cables 
  • Video games, DVD's and CDC's
  • Hard drives and data storage equipment. 
  • Server(s) and Server equipment

and many more computerized electronics and/or computer related electronics!

From 1 million mobile phones the following precious metals can be recovered:
16,000 kg of copper, 350 kg of silver, 34 kg of gold, 15 kg of palladium

Students for Sustainability

We are excited to partner with Students for Sustainability,
UArizona's student government sustainability program.

Your used electronics will be picked up by local nonprofit Keeper of the Grumper. Whatever is in working condition or can be fixed, is resold. Broken devices are dismantled and recycled.