“I would love to be somewhat versed in each mining field, before choosing one to dive deep into”

Oct. 12, 2022

Greatness Ojum

Greatness Ojum picture

Greatness Ojum

Greatness Ojum, undergraduate student in mining engineering, always knew she had a passion for rocks. However, she didn’t really know exactly what kind of career she could pursue. Ojum finished high school in Arizona and decided to stay close to home during the COVID-19 pandemic. She initially enrolled as an undeclared engineering student wanting to pursue Biomedical Engineering, but after being exposed to the mining program at the University of Arizona, decided to make the switch. Ojum was able to match her interest in rocks with a potential career.

Her family is in the oil industry, so she’s had a lot of exposure to the world of natural resources. Originally from Rivers, Nigeria, Ojum loves traveling, something she values in the mining industry, which presents a lot of opportunities for travel. She wants to become a mining engineering consultant so she can experience a variety of facets of the industry.

“I would love to be somewhat versed in each mining field, before choosing one to dive deep into” says Ojum. Consulting allows engineers to go to different mine sites and work in several different situations problem solving.

A leader with a bright future

Ojum is the new president of the Women in Mining student chapter at the University of Arizona, UA WIM. She hopes to connect students to as many networking opportunities as possible. She is also a member of WISE, Women in Science and Engineering, working on the Launching Your Career Symposium planning committee.

She’s passionate about bringing more representation to the mining industry. One of Ojum’s career goals is to encourage more Africans to work in the mining industry and she wants to promote education and outreach within Africa and the African diaspora.

Ojum works hard and she enjoys spending time with friends, fellowshipping and practicing self-care to re-focus on her academia. “Find a balance between [your] professional, academic, and social life,” she advises. When she has free time, she also likes to play volleyball and be active.

Highlighting the positivity within the industry

Ojum had an amazing experience working as a research assistant for a thermal imaging project with the Geotechnical Center of Excellence. During this project she reviewed thermal video and identified rockfall events and combined the footage into a video highlighting the findings of the research. The more she engages with the industry the more she loves it.

“I didn’t know the mine process was growing more sustainable,” says Ojum. She’s particularly interested in remediation and reclamation within mining. According to Ojum, she learns more from engagement with other professionals and hands-on experience than the classroom.

But what does she love the most? “Everyone is so happy!” says Ojum. She says she couldn’t do it without the constant positivity and encouragement she receives from other students, professors, and professionals in the industry who are passionate about what they do.

Check out WIM AZ’s networking event at the Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum on October 21, 2022. Ojum and WIM AZ hope to connect students to professionals in the industry.

Greatness Ojum