Fluid-rock interaction and hydrothermal REE transport in critical mineral deposits

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Alex Gysi


4 to 5:30 a.m., March 21, 2023

In this presentation, Dr. Alexander Gysi, professor from New Mexico Tech, gives an overview of ore-forming processes in critical mineral deposits and our current understanding of alteration zoning, mineralogy, and geochemical vectoring. The combination of field observations with frontiers in science from hydrothermal experiments and thermodynamic modeling yields key insights into the controls on rare earth elements (REE) transport, fractionation and deposition in natural systems. But how can we effectively link these insights to interpret geochemical data in these mineral deposits?


Alexander currently has a dual appointment as an Economic Geologist in the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources and as an Assistant Professor in the department of Earth & Environmental Science at New Mexico Tech. He is the head of the Ore Deposits and Critical Minerals Research group and Experimental Laboratory in the bureau. He also maintains the MINES thermodynamic database for simulating ore-forming processes and fluid-rock interaction. His main research interests include: 1) hydrothermal ore-forming processes and crustal metasomatism, 2) critical mineral deposits and geochemistry of rare earth elements (REE), 3) petrology of pegmatites, carbonatites, and (per)alkaline rocks, and 4) thermodynamic modeling of fluid-rock equilibria.

This talk is part of the Lundin-Snider Seminar Series

A recording is available.


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Alexander Gysi