Alumni & Student Photo Contest 2023

We asked alumni and current students of the programs to submit photos that best capture the University of Arizona's mining and minerals experience. We wanted to see some of the unique and exciting opportunities they had been or are a part of thanks to their career, and the things that make them love their jobs and degree!

We looked for the most creative and interesting photos, including landscapes, sites, group photos, technology, fieldwork, equipment, and projects and were not disappointed. Our internal jury had the hard task to choose five finalists. The public voted for a winner. 

And the winner is…

The Portal

Two miners exiting a portal

Description: Exiting the portal, Arizona, USA.

We received a ton of pictures for our annual Photo Contest, and we can't thank our students and alumni enough for taking the time to share the best parts of being in this industry. You've really shown us all just how many things there are to enjoy while working. 

Congratulations to alumni and geotechnical engineer Jason Hallowell (“The Portal”) for winning the annual Student & Alumni Photo Contest!